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PdF Network | How Campaigns and Causes are Using Facebook

BY Andel Koester | Tuesday, May 25 2010

President Barack Obama has over 8.2 million Facebook friends; Sarah Palin received over twenty thousand replies to a recent wall post on immigration. Meanwhile, everyday residents of Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, are using Facebook to organize protests against spiraling drug violence in their city.

But what if it’s true, as the Washington Post asks, that there’s a "clash of cultures between Facebook's open-book attitude and Washington's need-to-know boundaries"?

When it comes to Facebook, officials from the President to a small-town mayor still have a lot to learn from the likes of Vin Diesel.

Join the PdF Network on Thursday, May 27 as Adam Conner, Facebook shows us how Facebook can help campaigns and causes activate and inform supporters.

Thursday, May 27th at the PdF Network
"Friending" DC: How Campaigns, Causes and Elected Officials are Using Facebook
1-2 p.m. EST

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