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Organizing for Elena: Dems Launch Kagan Confirmation HQ

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, May 20 2010

Organizing for America has taken the wraps off of a new online organizing center around Elena Kagan's Supreme Court nomination.

The DNC's Organizing for America wing has unveiled its online organizing mini-headquarters for Elena Kagan some ten days after President Obama unveiled the Solicitor General as his latest pick for the Supreme Court.

A year, more or less, has passed between Obama's nomination of Kagan for the high court and when now-Justice Sonia Sotomayor got the nod. In the interim, technology has advanced. Organizing for America is rolling out an instance of its talk radio call-in automater on Kagan's behalf; in February, I profiled On the Air, an invention of OFA's in-house development lab, here.

Kagan's Organizing for America hub differs from Sotomayor's OFA HQ in other ways, too, and there's a good chance that's because the former's nomination hasn't given rise to a battle atmosphere against Republicans in the same way the latter's did -- at least not yet.

Missing from the new OFA site: I "Stand with Kagan" icons and avatars.

"Stand with Sotomayor" has morphed into a rather more sedate statement of the obvious, "Kagan for Justice." Gone (or, at least, not yet present) are the adorable, campaign-style Twiter icons and poster downloads of the earlier confirmation project. Sigh.

Organizing for America's online hub for Kagan is rounded out with a video introduction to the nominee and an accompanying talking-point-ready fact sheet, a letter to the editor tool, auto-email/tweet/Facebook options, and a donation button.

(For what it's worth, there doesn't yet seem to be a way to get to the Kagan Action Center from the Organizing for America home page. Good thing you have a link.)