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"A Trilogy of Mutton We Can't Afford"

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, May 6 2010

Someday the children will ask, "Mommy, Daddy, why do they speak of the 'demon sheep'?" The Internet sensation started by California Republican Senate candidate Carly Fiorina with her (in)famous YouTube depiction of primary opponent Tom Campbell as a demonic ovine creature has spawned a well-produced new web video from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee that bears only the loosest ties to the story line of the original demon sheep spot -- which itself made hardly a lick of sense.

The two-minute web ad is carefully mocked up to look like a movie trailer for the upcoming film "Demon Sheep II -- The Fleecing of California." Fiorina is mocked for, among other things, sending jobs overseas during her tenure as CEO of Hewlett-Packard. "Carly has been very, very B-A-A-A-A-A-A-D" intones the voiceover. The ad promises that the film will drop in June of this year, and hints at a third installment in the trilogy, "Demon Sheep III: The Tea Party's Over," starring conservative candidate Chuck DeVore. Whether or not the DSCC actually intends to distribute further treatments of the demon sheep theme, we can only sit and wonder.

These sort of web ads are, of course, designed to get earned media attention far more than they're intended to actually be seen by voters. (Annoying your opponent is something of lagniappe.) But it's our job to report on what candidates and campaigns are doing on the web, so there you have it.

The video is after the jump.