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A Collaborative "Commitment to America"

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, May 5 2010

House Republicans are set to roll out a software platform for the crafting of consensus-built political platform in time for the midterm elections, CNN reports:

The House GOP will roll out a new website in coming weeks that will allow the public to post ideas, send e-mail and hold video conferences to tell Republicans what policies they should be pushing. The online portal will allow anyone to log on and create a personal "profile," similar to Facebook. Users will be able to vote up or down on other people's submissions -- similar to the "like it" thumbs-up feature on Facebook. Proposals can be sorted by how popular they are, or how many "votes" they receive.


First, the new interactive site will solicit input and be coupled with a series of GOP town hall meetings around the country over the upcoming Congressional breaks. Then leaders will evaluate which issues the public ranked at the top. Finally, the GOP will roll out its list of "solutions" as the official new Republican platform heading into the midterm elections.

The first phase of the project, according to McCarthy, is proof that that the GOP is responding to what it sees as a growing sentiment among voters: that Washington isn't listening to them. Collecting policy ideas directly from voters will allow the GOP to argue its 2010 midterm agenda came from a direct conversation with the American people -- Republicans, independents and even Democrats.

More details, hopefully, to follow.