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In the British Election, a Look at Turnout in Accra

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, May 4 2010

Credit: Give Your Vote

Back in May I mentioned an experiment called Give Your Vote, whereby British citizens would cast their votes based on the opinions of people in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Ghana, based on the premise that what gets debated and decided in the British Parliment and 10 Downing Street ultimately affects people in those countries a great deal. Above is a rather neat look at a street mural being painted in dusty Accra, Ghana (technically, a former British colony), promoting the experiment in global online vote swapping.

On the project itself, Give Your Vote has a map showing where Britons have pledged to contribute their vote, and Haaretz has an update that gets into some of the details of how the vote trade will work. On the "Is it legal?" question, they report that, according to the Electoral Commission in the UK, as long as no money is changing hands, it's all a-okay.