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What Ever Happened To ...

BY Nick Judd | Wednesday, March 10 2010

Source: HuffPo

Larry Ward, the president of Political Media, says the joke's on anyone who tried to exploit his company's unintentionally hilarious URL shortener when it launched last December.

When the site launched, people on the political left had entirely too much fun using the shortener, which adds a hat to the linked site in the style of, to put the official Republican Party seal over the website of their choosing. (The website of Communist Party USA, to pick a safe-for-work example, if the link still works. It did when I checked earlier today.) The GOP apparently protested having its official stamp in use, and it was replaced with an unofficial logo shortly after the service launched.

"[There were] a couple thousand links out there that were all porn and stuff," Ward told me. "I was sitting there thinking, 'why am I just turning these off? I should point them somewhere' ... So we did, we pointed them to all these different sites based on which action of the day was going on. Now I think it's pointed to a health care petition on the GOP page."

Liberals looking for yuks at the expense of are now sending links to their friends that are redirected, today, for example, to a petition that says "Stop ObamaCare Now," Ward said.

Unfortunately for Ward, it doesn't look like he's exactly caught everything yet. Some old prankster links I dug up and followed were, in fact, blocked. But others — that are definitely not safe for work, at all, ever — were still working when I checked them earlier today.