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FL-SEN: The Hug That Triggered a Bomb

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, February 3 2010

You know what they say these days: it's not enough to just hold a money bomb. You gotta have a theme. Scott Brown used "Red Invades Blue." Florida Republican Marco Rubio, running against Gov. Charlie Crist in their party's primary for the open Senate seat, is getting a bit more creative -- and timely -- with it.

Rubio has given over his website to a "Stimulus Bomb" pop-up splash page, pointing to, on the occasion of the approaching anniversary of the time in 2009 when Barack Obama came down to Florida and he and Crist shared a hug in Tampa -- symbolic, in some quarters, for Crist's unacceptable backing of the President's stimulus plan. Photos of the hug made their way around the web, a la Joe Lieberman's "kiss" with George Bush. Rubio is asking for donations that "in amounts that correspond to the $787 billion of our children's money that they wasted on this plan," or in other words, $7.87, $78.70, or $787 -- or $2,400, should you choose to max out now on the primary. The one-year anniversary of Obama's visit to Florida is a week from today, February 10th.

Calling it the "Obama-Crist Stimulus Anniversary," Republican Senator Jim DeMint's Senate Conservatives PAC is running a simultaneous money bomb for Rubio on DeMint's team is reporting having raised $113,000 thus far.

Rubio's coverage all its bases in its marketing copy for the money bomb. If the stimulus doesn't get you, the hug will. "One year ago," reads Rubio's site, "Charlie Crist and Barack Obama embraced the failed $787 billion 'stimulus' plan." Emphasis added. But not really necessary.