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What does Joe Lieberman want?

BY Nick Judd | Thursday, December 17 2009

Mat Honan has done it again.

The WIRED contributor and author of Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle — a page that explains what Barack Obama did or is doing in some absurd alternate universe, i.e. "Barack Obama set your voice as his ringtone," "Barack Obama made up your bed," and cycles through sentences with each mouseclick — launched Joe Lieberman Wants You Dead, a website with the same gimmick but different theme.

"Joe Lieberman wants you to know that everyone he thinks matters will be covered," this website explained to me this morning.

On his Twitter account, Honan has promised to update the site with new lines submitted with the hashtag #JLWYD.

(The slogan I first saw was one of the ones that was submitted this way.)

What's your favorite one-issue website? You can submit them to me at @nclarkjudd.

h/t to David All