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Clearing the Cache: "The Site is Dog Slow" (Guess Which Site)

BY Micah L. Sifry | Friday, October 16 2009

  • Should a city manager be on Facebook? Social media goes local government.
  • Is it time for a discussion of "The Shortfalls of Government 2.0"? Some Governingpeople think so, and they're planning a workshop for early next year.
  • This is a big deal: partners with the Open Society Institute to launch a call for proposals for similar citizen-centric sites for Central and Eastern Europe.
  • For geeks only: The technology behind the new website. Key quote: "The site is dog slow." Takes 83 seconds to fully load, compared to the site's 4 seconds.
  • Conservative YouTube star Joel Pollak, who challenged Rep. Barney Frank in public, is now hoping to join him in Congress. He might want to take a balloon ride first, to raise his name recognition.
  • It's Friday. Here's a balloon boy we can all watch, and enjoy.