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SeeClickFix Now Covering 25,000 Towns, 8,000 Neighborhoods

BY Micah L. Sifry | Wednesday, October 14 2009

The civic software movement took another leap forward this past week with the announcement by SeeClickFix that the site now covers more than 25,000 towns and cities across the U.S., along with 8,000 discrete neighborhoods. SeeClickFix describes itself as "a tool to help communities help themselves." Users can report local issues that need addressing, and see what other users are reporting, while local officials can track and prioritize issues of concern to their residents and use the site to receive email and RSS alerts on issues reported by their constituents.

While SeeClickFix is still early in its development, you can easily see all kinds of promising uses. For example, HeatWatchNYC has just started using it to drive attention to landlords that aren't providing sufficient heat to their buildings. People in New Haven, CT who wanted an express bus route to Boston got together using the site, and after 271 people expressed their concern and the local city council paid attention, a local bus provider announced a new weekend service.

Now, with support for many more towns and neighborhoods, SeeClickFix looks like it's poised for dramatic growth. Take a look, kick the tires, report a pothole--maybe it will connect you with your neighbors and your local government, and help get something done.