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"I Want to Be the Kingmaker"

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, October 9 2009

The Financial Times profiles's Andrew Breitbart, with a particular focus on where he sees his place in the political news universe:

Clark Hoyt, the [New York Times'] public editor, wrote that it"stood still" after the damning [ACORN] videos were posted online. The newspaper"needs to be alert" to such stories"or wind up looking clueless or, worse, partisan itself", he wrote.

The Washington Post also was late to the story."One explanation may be that traditional news outlets like the Post simply don't pay sufficient attention to conservative media or viewpoints," wrote Andrew Alexander, its ombudsman.

Mr Breitbart says his distance from Beltway politics -- he works in the heart of liberal Los Angeles -- allows him to pursue his own agenda."I make no bones about coming from an ideological and partisan point of view. But at least I'm honest about it."

His network of websites includes BigHollywood, which aims to redress liberal bias in Hollywood and provide a forum for rightwing thinkers in the entertainment industry.

“I want to be the kingmaker," says Mr Breitbart."I want to find the best voices so that ideas and truth that have been suppressed for too long can find their way to a mass audience."