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IT Dashboard Claims First Wins

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, July 17 2009

Here's what caused the White House to tweet out a celebratory "FTW," as mentioned below. CIO Vivek Kundra writes on the IT Dashboard's blog that, thanks "in part" to the data-driven oversight site, the Department of Veterans Affairs is calling a temporary halt on 45 tech projects worth about $200 million. The site visualizes and otherwise slices and dices the tracking data federal agencies provide to OMB on their IT spending. Kundra, in his second ever post to the blog (a post I can't link to directly because the blog -- bad blog! -- lacks links to individual posts): "During the next few weeks, the VA will audit these 45 projects to determine whether additional resources or new management teams can get them back on schedule. If they can’t be fixed, the projects will be canceled."

The VA is one of 12 federal agencies with 85% or higher compliance with government requirements to rate major IT investments. The Small Business Administration and Treasury Department hover near 10% compliance. Thirteen other agencies still score a zero on IT oversight compliance, giving Kundra and his team no data on high-dollar projects with which to work.