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A Day in the Life of America

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, July 13 2009


The General Services Administration, though little known to most Americans, is sort of the glue that binds together the government of the United States on the federal level. Now GSA is making a play at convincing us that we all, truly, make up "One America." Front and center on are some of the photo submissions from the GSA's Flickr experiment that asked Americans to send in snapshots from their July 4th celebrations. The one above comes from Michele Markel Connors. There are some really great "Day in the Life" galleries and books that could come out of this approach of the sort that National Geographic once did with professional photographers -- "A Day in the Life of America's Farmers," for example.

Oh, are you unfamiliar with and what it does? No worries. This video should catch you up...