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The Search for the "Tea Party" Puppetmaster

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, April 14 2009

Perhaps even more mysterious than the question of who, exactly, was responsible for organizing last week's protests in Moldova is the question of who is behind tomorrow's planned "Tea Party" protests against, ... Read More

"A 50-Megaton Warhead That's Been Dropped on Conservative Washington"

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, March 5 2009

The Next Right's Patrick Ruffini is warning conservative allies about the coming press-pocalypse. Using Bobby Jindal as a model, Ruffini traces attempts to "delegitimize and destroy up-and-coming Republicans" ... Read More

Daily Digest: The Digg Olympics

BY Joshua Sherman | Wednesday, August 13 2008

#1 Digg video is anti-McCain voter-generated content; Facebook (anti-)campaigns for Vice President; C-SPAN gets searchable, linkable, AND embeddable; Convention website showdown; NYTimes Op-Ed on the power of text ... Read More

Daily Digest: Is Slatecard the Republican ActBlue?

BY Joshua Levy | Tuesday, May 27 2008

The Next Right launches; is Slatecard the "Republican ActBlue"?; Hillary Clinton's bad day; it's the network, stupid; Barack Obama is the jukebox favorite; Al Franken continues to get hounded by bloggers; Newt Gingrich ... Read More

Daily Digest: Lobbyist Lollypops, Blogger Blow-Ups

BY Joshua Levy | Thursday, May 22 2008

A new song wants to convince John McCain to fire the lobbyists working for his campaign; the DNCC blog dust-up continues; The Next Right is set to launch next week; a catalog of robo-calls from around the country; the ... Read More

Daily Digest: The Next Right Gets Grassroots

BY Joshua Levy | Thursday, May 8 2008

Conservative strategists team up to produce a new grassroots site for the right; some conservative bloggers are supporting Barack Obama, and some netroots bloggers are going for Clinton, while cats and dogs start living ... Read More