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PDF France 2014: Is the Internet Inclusive Enough?

BY Antonella Napolitano | Monday, June 16 2014

Who are the faces of the digital society today? Is the web really inclusive enough?

The 2014 edition of PDF France focused on looking at interesting initiatives in France and abroad that are trying to empower those "excluded" from digital society.

Nicole Sanchez and Black Girls Code's Kimberly Bryant (a speaker at PDF 2013) both spoke about the struggles of being women of color working in technology, more specifically in Silicon Valley, and how they are trying to challenge the existing gaps with their own ventures.

But researchers and practitioners from France had many interesting stories to share as well, from Tweets2Rue, an initiative in Paris that provided smartphones to homeless men and asked them to tweet about their lives, to École 42, a French tech school that is shaping the next generation of engineers by offering a tuition-free education.

Many other topics were explored, from the relationship between the sharing economy and digital labor to the need for discussing rules of engagement in cyberspace.

Axelle Lemaire, the Digital Affairs Minister of the French government, concluded the conference, remarking that the French state was born on a promise of equality. It is a promise, she said, that must also be applied to digital society.

Below is a Storify of the event: