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Anyone Anywhere (with Internet) Can Look for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

BY Jessica McKenzie | Tuesday, March 11 2014

Screenshot of the current Tomnod instructions page

This morning I helped look for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, and you can, too. (The website seems to be back on its feet after a crash following a surge of visitors.)

On Monday afternoon, earth-imagery company DigitalGlobe uploaded high-resolution satellite images of the Gulf of Thailand, where many think the plane likely crashed, to the crowdsourcing platform Tomnod, which turns large images into small squares and asks the crowd to help tag the images if they see signs of wreckage, rafts, or of an oil slick.

Tagging a boat.

Within an hour of going live, the map had 60,000 page views and more than 1,000 tags. DigitalGlobe reported difficulties dealing with the “unprecedented” traffic to the site.

They also announced that the Malaysian government updated the search information on Monday and that current images reflect that change.

For more information on the disappearing plane, CNN has a list of what we know and don't know, and also a run through of four possible scenarios and the likelihood that each occurred.

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