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2013 Corruption Perception Index Is In And It's Not Pretty

BY Jessica McKenzie | Tuesday, December 3 2013

"Complaint box for corruption." (Flickr/watchsmart)

Transparency International just released their Corruption Perceptions Index 2013, and the prognosis is not looking good. Of the 177 ranked countries, more than two-thirds scored less than 50 out of a max score of 100. Not a one got a perfect score, with Denmark and New Zealand tying for first with scores of 91. On the other end of the spectrum, Afghanistan, North Korea and Somalia squeaked out measly eights.

An analysis posted on Transparency International's blog pointed out that, while corruption perception in Europe has for the most part remained unchanged since the economic crisis that began five years ago, Greece is one of only a few European countries that have improved. Greece's score rose four points this year, rising from 36 to 40. Spain, on the other hand, dropped six points.

People are sharing their discoveries and reactions on Twitter by adding #stopthecorrupt to their tweets.

And in case your day needs a slightly-more-educational-than-usual listicle, Buzzfeed is ON IT with The 23 Most Corrupt Countries in The World. Here I will echo Zara Rahman's tweet above by reminding everyone that it is a perceptions index, a fact Buzzfeed casually skates over. That said, I think it's safe to say that the bottom 23 are probably pretty bad.

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