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Iran's Foreign Minister Talks Free Will, Dignity, Standing Your Ground on YouTube

BY Jessica McKenzie | Tuesday, November 19 2013

“Imagine being told that you cannot do what everyone else is doing, what everyone else is allowed to do. Will you back down? Would you relent? Or would you stand your ground.”

These are some of the opening questions from Iran's Foreign Minister Javad Zarif in a message on the “unnecessary crisis” over nuclear energy, which was posted on YouTube today.

In it, Zarif explains, in English, that “Free will is in our being, in our DNA.”

Iranians are no different from any other people on this planet we share. We expect and demand respect for our dignity.

Nuclear energy is about a leap, a jump toward deciding our own destiny, rather than letting others decide for us. For us, nuclear energy is about securing the future of our children, about diversifying our economy, about stopping the burning of our oil, and about generating clean power.

The video sets a new tone for the negotiations over the Iranian nuclear program set to begin again tomorrow in Geneva.

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