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UN Publishes Hypnotizing Map of Our "Global Pulse"

BY Jessica McKenzie | Friday, October 25 2013

As the 2015 deadline draws near for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the United Nations has begun their post-2015 planning process by publishing a 3D map of the top 20 countries tweeting about the post-2015 development goals. Called the UN Global Pulse, it just goes to show that big data can be pretty cool.

The United Nations has really been going out of its way to get input on the next leg of its development goals. In May, techPresident covered how the United Nations is crowdsourcing the goals through surveys online and off.

The analysis of Twitter is a “supplemental exercise” to their crowdsourcing efforts, meant “to demonstrate the potential of big data and visual analytics as a truly 21st century way of unearthing which global development topics everyday people are concerned about and prioritize.”

In order to find out who was talking about the 16 topics under consideration for post-2015 goals, they monitor 25,000 keywords and keywords combinations. That's not small change.

In addition to the hypnotizing 3D-like map, the United Nations has posted additional information from their social network analysis.

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