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Jack Dorsey Tweets @HassanRouhani About Access to Twitter in Iran

BY Jessica McKenzie | Tuesday, October 1 2013

It appears that Jack Dorsey and Iran's new president are having a moment on Twitter. The co-founder of Twitter asked President Rouhani if the citizens of Iran, who are banned from accessing Twitter and Facebook, could see his tweets. Dorsey actually got a response from the President of Iran:

Sure, I think it would be a bit of a stretch to call it a conversation, but it's a start.

Dorsey tweeted about the Iranian President on both Saturday and Sunday:

Still, in spite of the legitimacy an exchange with Dorsey might confer to Hassan Rouhani, there remains skepticism as to his identity:

He is not, after all, a verified user.

The exchange also inspired sarcastic comments about detained bloggers:

And the official media's access to Iran and vice versa:

Bottom line? Even more mixed messages from the President of Iran, who has gone back and forth on his policies on Internet restrictions.

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