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Nigeria Gets Its First Open Data Portal

BY Jessica McKenzie | Thursday, September 12 2013

Since 2010, Edo State in Nigeria has set a day aside dedicated to technology and the state. The 2013 Edo State TechDay kicked off today, September 12, with the theme “Fostering Governance with Technology.” At the event (which has grown into a two day affair) Edo State Governor Adams Oshiomhole revealed Nigeria's first Open Data Portal.

Edo State is also the first sub-national government body in Africa to launch an Open Data Portal. Governor Oshiomhole's Chief Press Secretary, Peter Okhiria, said that Edo State will join more than 200 international governments with open data initiatives.

"The event [TechDay] is a platform for leaders and participants in the technology sector from states across Nigeria to showcase products and innovations and to highlight information technology, IT, initiatives of governments and companies," said Okhiria.

Although their Twitter presence isn't strong—only 67 followers—Edo State TechDay is tweeting pictures and quotes from the event, including the Governor's speech launching the open data portal:

"Our goal is to to run not just an efficient govt but an accountable govt through Open Data" Adams Oshiomhole

— Edo State TechDay (@EdoTechDay) September 12, 2013


"e-governance will create more rooms for improved development of the state" Gov Adams Oshiomhole — Edo State TechDay (@EdoTechDay) September 12, 2013


"The launch of the Open data portal will help the state to move" Gov Adams Oshiomhole" — Edo State TechDay (@EdoTechDay) September 12, 2013


"I am proud of the progress being made by the ICT Agency in Edo State" — Edo State TechDay (@EdoTechDay) September 12, 2013

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