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PDF France 2013: “Au Code, Citoyens!”

BY Antonella Napolitano | Wednesday, May 15 2013

Code is a language that everybody uses but few of us master.

It is however an extremely powerful changemaker, as we see every day thanks to people who promote participation and social innovation to improve civic life.

On June 13 in Paris, Personal Democracy Forum France 2013 will explore the theme with its third event, “Au Code, Citoyens!” (“To Code, Citizens!”),

The conference will gather decisionmakers that are enabling the digital revolution in government, as well as innovative citizens and professionals who have launched initiatives for civil society.

PDF France 2013 will explore movement mobilization, as in the case of the Italian 5 Stars Movement, as well as civil rights campaigns, like
#mariagepourtous (“marriage for everybody”), the campaign to promote marriage equality in France.

Our speakers will explain strategies and tools, analysing how civic hackers are using them to pressure governments and hold them accountable. What are the results of these initial projects? How will the role of civic hackers evolve?

Participants in the conference include:

  • Francis Pisani, journalist, who will speak about #Winch5, the world tour of innovation and social media he did to discover new change agents (@francispisani)

  • Armel Le Coz, founder of Parlement&Citoyens (Parliament&Citizens), a collaborative platform aimed at connecting citizens, politicians, lobbies and NGOs in order to create better laws (@armel_lecoz)

  • Marietje Schaake, Member of the European Parliament, active for human rights and Internet freedom, named “the most wired politician in Europe” (@MarietjeD66)

  • Henri Verdier, Head of Etalab, the Public Open-Data Program, who recently opened to the public the redesign of, France's national open data portal (@HenriVerdier)

In order to understand how the digital revolution is changing our daily lives, we need a broader space and a bigger arena. That is why PDF France will officially open the 2013 Futur en Seine, a 10-day digital innovation festival now in its fourth year.

This year's theme is “Tomorrow’s Enterprises.” Personal Democracy Forum France will look closely at initiatives launched by two type of “tomorrow’s entrepreneurs,” governments and citizens, and the ways in which they work together to build a better future.

PDF France 2013 wants to mobilize people who think technology may help us build a more open and collaborative society, and are doing so by freeing, fiddling or using data.

So come and meet your fellow civic hackers!

And don't forget to register!

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