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Morsi Meter Releases Status Report on Egyptian President's First 100 Days

BY Lisa Goldman | Monday, October 15 2012

Screenshot of the MorsiMeter site

The people behind the MorsiMeter, a website that monitors and updates readers about the Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi's progress in implementing his campaign promises, have released a report assessing his first 100 days in his office.

The official report of the MorsiMeter divides the president's campaign promises into five categories — Fuel, security, traffic, bread and cleanliness. A page is devoted to each category, with promises achieved noted at the top while the rest lists promises "in progress" and "not spotted."

Altogether, the MorsiMeter's report lists 10 campaign progresses as "achieved," with the vast majority "not spotted." The Washington Post quotes MorsiMeter co-founder Amr Sobhi asserting that the president had fulfilled only four of his 64 campaign promises. The Post adds:

Piles of garbage continue to line some streets of the capital. Strikes over wages and overdue benefits have halted some public-sector services, particularly in Egypt’s woefully underfunded hospitals. One man even filed a police report against Morsi for failing to implement all of his 100-day promises, according to the Egypt Independent, an English-language daily.

The report, which features colorful graphics and information delivered in bullet points, lists as one of the accomplishments in the category of "cleanliness": "Starting awareness campaigns and Friday sermons to preach cleanliness and the sin of hurting people through throwing garbage in the streets."

No word yet on whether or not the Friday sermons have translated into cleaner streets.