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Iranian Gov't Blocks Downloading of Foreign Media Files

BY Lisa Goldman | Monday, October 8 2012

The Iranian government is now blocking the downloading of MP3, MP4, AVI and SWF files hosted on foreign servers, reports Storify Middle East.

Then, on October 4, 2012, the IFC [Internet Filtering Committee] began preventing files hosted on servers outside Iran from entering the country by blocking specific file extensions. At the time of writing, this policy applies to all MP3, MP4, AVI and SWF files. This kind of filtering was used after the controversial presidential elections of 2009, amidst harsh crackdowns on freedom of information, and coincides with Iran's current economic crisis and the ensuing protests.

Iranian cyber activists and Iran watchers believe this is the most recent step in the regime's ongoing effort to set up a tightly controlled National Internet that would require citizens to register for email accounts pending government approval, amongst other draconian restrictions.

Via @nealunger for Fast Company.

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