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Graphic Map Shows Disappeared Mexican Journalists as Anti-Corruption Blogger 5algado is Still Missing

BY Lisa Goldman | Tuesday, September 25 2012

More than a week has passed since we blogged about the Mexican anti-corruption blogger and activist Ruy Salgado (@el5anto), still missing since his fellow anti-corruption bloggers at reported his disappearance on September 8.

Salgado's disappearance has received scant media attention, even as his colleagues continue to promote the hashtag #DondeEstaRuy5algado (Where is Ruy 5algado).

Meanwhile Nate Berg, a contributor to The Atlantic's Cities blog, points his readers to a map and infographic that shows where Mexican journalists have been attacked. Berg reminds his readers that:

The struggles and fears faced by the media in Mexico have been heightened in recent years as the bloodshed of cartel wars and drug trades have affected many parts of the country. According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, there have been 27 murders of journalists in Mexico since 1992 with confirmed motives to stop the gathering and sharing of information. As this recent episode of On the Media showed, covering the news in Mexico — news that often centers around the drug trade and its violence — can be dangerous and deadly. The 13 people in this map underscore this reality.

The map was produced by Articulo 19, or Article 19, the South American branch of an international NGO that advocates for freedom of expression and information.

The independent investigative journalism site Fundaction MEPI reports that at least five Mexican activists with social media presence have been killed over the last two years.

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