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Measuring President Morsi

BY Lisa Goldman | Thursday, June 28 2012

Egyptian activists have established the Morsi Meter to keep track of newly-elected President Muhammad Morsi's performance during his first 100 days in office.

The bilingual site categorizes Morsi's promises into several categories - Security, Traffic, Bread, Cleanliness and Fuel - for a total of 64 promises. Each day the Morsi Meter notes how many days have passed since Morsi took office and how many campaign promises he has fulfilled.

But Susannah Vila, writing for The Engine Room, casts some doubt on the ability of the Morsimeter's creators to keep the site updated. Updating the Morsimeter will require crowdsourcing and staff, she notes, and the creators, Zabatak, do not have a good track record in maintaining their projects.

Muhammad Morsi, of the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Part (FJP) is the first civilian elected president in the history of Egypt, and the first democratically elected Islamist leader in the Arab world.

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