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Daily Digest: Renewing the Push for Open Government by Law, by Code

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, December 2 2008

In Case You Missed It...

Kevin Thurman looks at the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee’s DLCCWeb program, which equipped down-ballot candidates with entirely affordable online tools. By learning how not to reinvent the wheel, Democrats-not-named-Obama were able to save big and campaign big, he writes. "[O]ver 300 websites...were launched through the program in the 2008 cycle," says Kevin. "These sites generated 13.9 Million views, generated 2,798,496 emails to supporters and voters, and raised $444,098.99 in donations" -- all for just forty bucks a month.

Nancy Scola questions Democratic Strategist's Ed Kilgore's thinking that the rightroots' attempt at rebuilding the GOP is weakened by a lack of "a preparatory period of ideological ferment."

Mike Turk says that the woeful Federal Voting Assistance program -- the Pentagon effort to help both military members and Americans abroad cast ballots -- reminds him that government IT programs often fall short "either on the development side...or on the marketing side." Hey, Mike, it could be worse. In '04, troubles with DOD's basic server configurations meant that you couldn't pull up the FVAP site from many places overseas.