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Transparency and CGI

BY Editors | Monday, November 17 2008

Watching the news media and a few hard cases in the blogosphere wring their hands over the vetting of former President Bill Clinton's philanthropy in the wake of President-Elect Obama's offer of the State Department to Hillary Clinton, you begin to wonder what life would be like if the Clinton Global Initiative went transparent with all of its charitable commitments.

With so much focus on CGI over the last 48 hours and the billions it has processed for causes like global warming, HIV AIDS, and education, it's hard not to wish it maintained a large searchable database open to anyone with a web connection.

Oh, wait a minute.

Now, it's not a full record of President Clinton's personal foundation nor an accounting of gifts to his presidential library. But to listen to commentators who argue that Clinton has to be "more transparent" on CGI - as CNN's Campbell Brown did tonight - you'd think the deal-making for the worldwide causes of the Clinton Global Initiative were hidden away in some dark closet. Yet CGI's database puts all of the organization's commitments at the fingers of any researcher, blogger, or cablehead.

You can sort by focus area, region, and year - or search by donor. Try it out.