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Thoughts on How to Respond when Huckabee Spreads False Emails

BY Zephyr Teachout | Tuesday, October 7 2008

Mike Huckabee's email to his list today called Franklin Raines the "Chief Economic Advisor" to Barack Obama. This is clearly false, and he should know better.

Put aside existing remedies for a second--which, among other things, would take too long to matter even if they mattered--what's the best crowdsourcing response to this claim? I truly admire factcheck; they do heroic work. However, false information is best responded to with true information (instead of just rebuttal of false), en masse, and politely. So, in other words, when a false claim like this occurs, there is a group of people who do not simply post on factcheck but swarm sites that repeat the false claim with sourced, factual claims.

But then I come against another problem; who IS Barack Obama's Chief Economic Advisor, and where would I find this? If I search Google, I come up with various claims about Raines and about Austen Goolsbee, who was his Chief Advisor through the primary, and we know is still involved. I remember an article about Jason Furman, but he's a senior advisor, not "the Chief."

I now where to go for falsehoods; what's the best place to go for truth?