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Political Spores

BY Zephyr Teachout | Tuesday, September 30 2008

I gave a talk tonight discussing 10 years in the future, internet and politics, what it might produce. In researching the talk I found some current day political spores. Spore, for those who haven't followed, is a massive single player online game, sort of like facebook for rapidly evolving avatar-beast creatures, where you get to constantly update yourself, in the face of evolutionary challenges. (Spore-players, please correct me.)

Here, for example, is a spore creature that apparently causes some real awe in other players.

Anyway, unsurprisingly, there are spores for some of our politicians, like this one for Bush:

...this one for McCain:

and this one, complete with bubble quotes, for Palin:

These are just samples; there appear to be hundreds of such creatures.

Forgive me if this has already been written about. After talking about the future for a few hours one can feel fairly well behind the times.