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More Hints from Chicago on Obama For America 2

BY Micah L. Sifry | Thursday, December 11 2008

News continues to dribble out of Chicago on the future of Obama for America. First, Obama blogger Christopher Hass says there are now some 4,000 house parties occurring this weekend across the country to foster discussion of the movement's future--a healthy jump from a week ago. Second, attendees at last weekend's summit meeting in Chicago have received the following memo by email, which they've been urged to share widely. A copy made its way to my in-box and I reprint it below:

Dear Volunteer/Team Leader:

I wanted to be the first to share some of the exciting things that I've learned about how this movement of change will look going forward.

The vision for this organization comes directly from President-Elect Obama:

"We won because the American people mobilized for change. It was really people at a grassroots level who carried our campaign financially, who carried it organizationally, and we don't want that to dissipate."

The organization will operate on these core organizing principles:

Respect. Empower. Include.

A special emphasis on super volunteers and team leaders/coordinators who formed the core of our campaign organization.

Organizing training and development for staff and volunteers at all levels.


The organization will have paid organizers on the ground nationwide, and they will focus on strengthening volunteer leadership.

The organization's goals will be to promote:

Legislative issue organizing to support President-elect Obama's agenda.

Electoral organizing

Civic engagement

Promote two-way communication between the Administration and grassroots.

In order to accomplish these goals, we will:

Expand the existing grassroots organization.

Directly lobby members of Congress and other elected officials.

Work to win local elections


This organization is its own transition, parallel to the structure of the administration.

In President-elect Obama's words, we are moving forward with "deliberate haste."

The process is open and transparent, as we are asking for feedback from all levels and stakeholders.

There isn't a specific timeline or date set for the organization's official launch.


So far, we have received feedback from:

Over 500,000 Volunteer Surveys

Almost 500 Field Organizer Surveys

Almost 100 Regional Field Director Surveys

180 conference calls with over 1,000 organizers

Conversations with allied organizations

Listserv e-mails within the My.BO community

National "Organizing for Change" Legacy Conference with over 300 attendees


There is still work to be done in the short term:

Submit thoughts, ideas, and feedback

Host/attend a "Change is Coming" House Meeting. *

Plan and organize a Civic Engagement Project with your neighborhood team.

Research the issues facing your community on a local, state, and federal level. Know your elected officials contact information and backgrounds.

Staff, who have returned to their hometown, could help this organization take a huge step forward by hosting or attending a house meeting in their own neighborhood. *

* Click on "Before your event" tab to download the materials for your House Meeting.