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September? Already?

BY Dave Witzel | Wednesday, September 10 2008

With all the noise from the people campaigning to govern it is easy to forget that there is still governing going on. So, in the spirit of "policy, not (much) politics," here's a summary of some interesting non-campaign activities of note.


  • Building Democracy Through Online Citizen Deliberation: A Framework for Action [pdf] - though based on a conference held in 2005 (my how time flies) this 51 page report provides still-useful insights into creating, sustaining, and profiting from online citizen engagement.
  • Leveraging Web 2.0 in Government - from IBM's Center for the Business of Government this 41 page report defines "web 2.0" for government managers, summarizes opportunities, and identifies barriers. It warns that "governments may become increasingly remote to the citizens of tomorrow" and that government needs to "move away from portals to citizen-centric Web 2.0 applications such as 'mashups' to deliver products and services to users’ devices."


If you haven't yet, check out Craig Colgan's Municipalist blog which claims it is "Fearlessly investigating the dark and mysterious world of public sector blogging." And indeed it is, with over two-dozen profiles of public sector bloggers. I didn't even know there were that many!

Okay, back to the campaign now.