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First POST: Ladies Who Launch

BY Micah L. Sifry | Friday, April 10 2015

Ladies Who Launch

  • Hillary Clinton is going to launch her presidential campaign while on the way to Iowa on Sunday, Lauren Gambino reports for The Guardian.

  • Here's some more background on Stephanie Hannon, the Google vet who has been hired to be the Clinton campaign's CTO, courtesy of Alex Howard. He notes her prior focus on open data standards as offering some possibly mixed encouragement for open government advocates; I'm a little worried about her hold on grammar (see the first slide in her open data presentation). It's "its," not "it's."

  • Today in sousveillance: In Mexico, a top government official was forced to resign after a local aircraft enthusiast posted some photos of the official and his family boarding a state-owned helicopter to go on vacation, reports Elisabeth Malkin for The New York Times.

  • Yahoo and Google are starting to preview an "End to End" email security tool that they have developed jointly, which will make email encryption much easier for ordinary users, reports Tom Lowenthal for PBS Idealab.

  • A major French TV station was hacked and ArsTechnica's Sam Machkovech reports that part of the security breach was likely caused by the network filming some of its own security passwords--which were taped to a wall in the background as one of reporters did an in-house interview.

  • Twitter has suspended about 10,000 accounts connected to ISIS for "tweeting violent threats," Rick Gladstone reports for the Times.

  • Canada's Citizen Lab has issued a major new report on China's "Great Cannon," an online attack tool that is used to DDOS sites that the country's government wants to suppress.

  • Russia's media watchdog is trying to ban the use of celebrities' photos in memes "when the image has nothing to do with the celebrity's personality," reports Kevin Rothrock for Global Voices.

  • Europe and India are considering allowing paid prioritization of online content, a threat to net neutrality, The New York Times editorial board warns.

  • New York City has launched an official Broadband Taskforce that includes our own Andrew Rasiej and Civic Hall member-partner Jessica Lawrence of the NY Tech Meetup. The mayor's office of tech and innovation is also calling for "bold ideas" and innovations to help bring high speed Internet access to all New Yorkers.