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First POST: Competition

BY Micah L. Sifry | Thursday, January 15 2015


  • Referring to state laws pushed by big telcos preventing cities from creating their own public broadband options, President Obama had this to say yesterday: “In too many places across America, some big companies are doing everything they can to keep out competitors. Today I am saying we are going to change that. Enough is enough.”

  • Republicans in Washington "were swift to denounce" Obama's comments, Julian Hattem reports for The Hill, arguing that he was advocating more "big government" programs.

  • The new upgraded version of VAN, the voter engagement platform used by many Democratic and progressive campaigns, looks pretty nifty.

  • CityMart, the open procurement platform, is coming to the US, its founder and CEO Sascha Haselmayer, writes on the Knight Foundation blog.

  • Ford (the car company, not the foundation) is funding 25 "smart mobility" experiments around the world, including eight in North America, "to test breakthrough transportation ideas to create better customer experiences, more flexible user-ship models and social collaboration that can reward customers."

  • Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ) is pressing for updates to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act that would make it harder for the government to access Americans' old emails, Kelsey Harkness reports for the Heritage Foundation's Daily Signal blog.

  • Julia Angwin and Mike Tigas report for ProPublica on an essentially undeletable cookie that "comes back to life" after Verizon users delete it, and how it is being used by major web companies like Google, Yahoo and Facebook to track their users.