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First POST: Dueling

BY Micah L. Sifry | Thursday, August 7 2014


  • The Republican National Committee has launched a petition in support of Uber and opposing "taxi unions and liberal government roadblocks," a new effort to reach young urban voters, report Byron Tau and Kevin Robillard for Politico. Republican Trey Grayson, the outgoing director of Harvard's Institute of Politics, comments, "It's a way for the party to reinforce the message that here's a private company serving a need--and the need is created because government regulation created poor services."

  • Meanwhile, House Democrats have turned Obama impeachment threats into a small-donor email fundraising cash machine, reports Darren Samuelsohn for Politico.

  • Politico's Tony Romm takes a close look at Amazon's rising presence in Washington's lobbying ecosystem.

  • Google has decided to make a site's use of HTTPS a "ranking signal" for its search algorithm. In layman's terms, this means sites that adopt stronger encryption will start to do better in Google search results.

  • Edward Snowden has been granted a three-year extension of his residency in Russia, adding the right to travel abroad and return.

  • The CIA doesn't report anything to the federal spending transparency site, reports Nancy Scola, not even its unclassified programs.

  • The New York Times Thomas Kaplan reports on the efforts of Governor Andrew Cuomo's campaign to knock challenger Zephyr Teachout, law professor and former Howard Dean internet director, off the September 9 primary ballot by challenging her New York state residency.

  • The Voting Information Project has released an open source mobile app for iOS that enables voters to find their polling place as well as ballot and candidate details.

  • The White House is holding a "SocialGov Summit for Open Data Innovation" today from 3-5pm ET.

  • Code for Germany has launched.

  • Sleep is overrated: "The average UK adult now spends more time using media or communications (8 hours 41 minutes) than they do sleeping (8 hours 21 minutes - the UK average)," according to a new study of digital behavior by Ofcom.

  • Some late model cars may be quite vulnerable to hackers, Andy Greenberg reports for Wired.

  • ICYMI, Salon ran a long excerpt from my Big Discconnect book, focusing on "how the 1 percent conquered Internet activism."