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NYPD Commissioner Bratton Appoints Tech Deputy Jessica Tisch

BY Miranda Neubauer | Thursday, February 13 2014

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton announced Wednesday night that he was naming Jessica Tisch as Deputy Commissioner of Information Technology.

Her previous positions were Counsel to the Police Commissioner and Director of Policy and Planning in the NYPD’s Counterterrorism Bureau. The previous Deputy Commissioner of Information Technology and CIO was James Onalfo.

"Deputy Commissioner Tisch will help the Police Commissioner implement his vision of democratizing the NYPD’s data inside and outside of the Department, providing a level of access and immediacy designed to enhance productivity and collaboration," a NYPD press release notes. "She will also focus on developing the Department’s strategy for leveraging mobile platforms, enhancing data analytics to promote data-driven decision-making, and incorporating new and emerging technologies."

In the statement, Bratton notes that Tisch has a "progressive point of view on the role data systems and technology should play at the NYPD." He adds that her focus on technology in her previous positions has led to the development of several products that led to significant changes in policing in New York City and other cities around the world. The press release points out that she administered the Domain Awareness System, the NYPD's network of closed-circuit television cameras, license plate readers, and environmental sensors, led the development and roll-out of DASLite, a system allowing real-time response to 911 calls, investigations, crime mapping and analysis, and negotiated what the press release calls a first-of-its kind intellectual property agreement with Microsoft for 30 percent of all revenues from external sales of the application, "which is expected to net the City millions of dollars over the coming months and years."

The press release also notes that in 2009 she helped develop a privacy policy for how the NYPD uses, retains and disseminates certain types of sensor data that could contain personally identifiable information.

Bratton indicated at a talk last week that the deputy commissioner of information technology would work with the City Council to help make NYPD data available in more accessible formats.

Bratton also previously appointed Zachary Tumin as Deputy Commissioner of Strategic Initiatives. Tumin, who is on Twitter, has a background in government and information technology, most recently serving as special assistant to the director and faculty chair of the Belfer Center’s Science, Technology, and Public Policy program at the Harvard Kennedy School, where he led the Project on Technology, Security and Conflict in the Cyber Age, and managed the Harvard component of a joint Harvard/MIT cyber security initiative. With Bratton, he was also a co-author of Collaborate or Perish!: Reaching Across Boundaries in a Networked World, and was lead author on articles and papers such as “Viral By Design: Teams in the Networked World” and “From Government 2.0 to Society 2.0: Pathways to Engagement, Collaboration and Transformation."