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First POST: Busted

BY Micah L. Sifry | Friday, November 22 2013


  • The death of the filibuster is a big deal. In case you were wondering.

  • Remember back in 2009 when then-Google CEO Eric Schmidt said, "If you have something that you don't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place"? Now Schmidt thinks strong encryption of Internet traffic will prevent governments from censoring and spying on their citizens communications within a decade. "The solution to government surveillance is to encrypt everything," he said in a speech in Washington yesterday.

  • Republican Rep. James Sensenbrenner, the original author of the Patriot Act, says "the overreach by the National Security Agency does more than infringe on American civil liberties. It poses a serious threat to our economic vitality."

  • Bob Woodward says Edward Snowden should have come to him first, and says he would have handled the story differently. His Washington Post colleague Barton Gellman, one of the people Snowden did go to, responds, "I can't explain why Bob would insult the source who brought us this extraordinary story or the exemplary work of his colleagues in pursuing it."

  • Clay Johnson has posted a 24 minute YouTube video explaining "What Went Wrong with and How to Fix It." It's kind of like an "Anti-TED" talk, because it's all about how actual uses of technology in government frequently fail. Alex Howard says it is "far more informative than any news broadcast I've seen to date."

  • Jason Kincaid takes issue with The New York Times' chirpy review of the anonymous dating app Lulu, where women rate men they've dated. Personally, I think it brings Gary Shteyngart's dystopian vision in Super Sad True Love Story much closer to the present. And it claims to have one-quarter of all college women using it! Imagine a similar app inside Congress, for staffers to rate lobbyists. Just thinking out loud here…

  • The hackathon is not dead: Young undocumented immigrant coders spent a day coding side-by-side with Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn and Dropbox co-founder Drew Houston in Mountain View Wednesday. The Los Angeles Times reported, "Among the apps the 'dreamers' are building include one that will help high-profile people share their support for immigration reform with their fans and followers on social media and another that would educate undocumented immigrants on their rights using virtual game play."

  • This woman videotaped 35 years worth of TV news, and now the Internet Archive is planning to digitize them all.