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CREDO SuperPAC's Online Director Joins Democracy for America

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Wednesday, July 17 2013

Andy Kelley, CREDO SuperPAC's National New Media Director, is joining Democracy for America as its online programs deputy next Monday.

Kelley will be responsible for co-ordinating all of DFA's online activities, including its fundraising efforts. He'll continue to work in Berkeley, California in his new position.

At CREDO, Kelley headed up a team of eight local new media directors in CREDO's "Take Down the Tea Party Ten," campaign, which featured a significant in-person canvassing component too. Ultimately, five of the targeted members of Congress were defeated during the 2012 election cycle.

"Andy has spent his career fighting for progressive change and we simply couldn't be happier to have someone with his talent and online organizing experience to join the Democracy for America team as we enter our 10th Anniversary year in 2014," said Jim Dean, DFA's chairman.

Kelley's experience running digital programs across several states for CREDO should help DFA along with its "Purple to Blue" project, which was first unveiled March. The project aims to flip Republican-controlled state legislatures back to the Democrats.