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First POST: Repercussions

BY Nick Judd | Friday, June 28 2013

Around the web

  • The NSA was tracking American emails: The latest disclosure from documents leaked to The Guardian newspaper is that the National Security Agency collected "metadata" on the email communications of Americans. That's some linguistic fancy footwork to avoid saying the agency was tracking who Americans were emailing and which networks they used to communicate, which can reveal other information, like location and travel habits.

  • A researcher who was working for the Service Employees International Union during the HBGary scandal wonders what took so long for more people to become concerned about the influence and low oversight of cybersecurity contractors.

  • Fail fast: In Foreign Policy, Charles Kenny and Justin Sandefur spend a few thousand words belittling technology-for-development projects that seem to have involved little thought and a few thousand more extolling the virtues of iterative testing.

  • Italian legislators have launched an instance of Liquid Feedback, the platform for collaboration on legislative ideas first developed by the German Pirate Party.

  • Labor and tech companies are squaring off over visa provisions in the new immigration bill, putting Silicon Valley's congressman — newly minted as the tech sector's representative in 2012 redistricting — right in the middle. More: NYT's Somini Sengupta.

  • Reporters got an early peek at what the Affordable Care Act health care marketplace software will look like.

  • The Federal Trade Commission has signed a memorandum of understanding with Irish privacy enforcement officials.

  • After years of work, corruption watchers in Brazil are surely welcoming a public anticorruption push as part of recent unrest — a surge of resentment which is forcing change in the federal legislature.

  • Micah Sifry finds many faults with Robert McChesney's new book, "Digital Disconnect."

  • GovTech explores the civic hacking "movement" — it's a movement now? — through the eyes of Gangplank, a coworking space in Chandler, Ariz. that asks occupants for volunteer time instead of rent.