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Mayors of New York City and San Francisco Announce "Digital Cities" Summit

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Friday, June 14 2013

The Mayors of New York City and San Francisco announced Friday that they're co-hosting meetings in the Fall and early next year to examine the "best practices" that lead to tech-enabled economic growth.

The meetings are follow-ups to the initial Bloomberg Technology Summit held last year in New York City. This year's summit in New York will take place September 30th, and the second, taking place sometime early in 2014, is being co-hosted in San Francisco by angel investor Ron Conway's Citizens Initiative for Technology and Innovation (

Mayors Ed Lee and Michael Bloomberg made the announcement at a press conference at the offices of Square in San Francisco alongside the company's Founder Jack Dorsey.

Around 25 leaders will meet in off-the-record sessions and examine issues related to immigration, education, infrastructure, office space and housing, funding and financing startups, according to a press statement from Lee's office.

Dorsey told CBS' 60 Minutes earlier this year that he wants to someday become the Mayor of New York City.

During the Friday afternoon press conference, Bloomberg joked that Dorsey's mayoral campaign would be marked by 140-character campaign speeches and six-second campaign videos, and a pledge to everybody that they could pay their taxes via Square.

Amid the humor, Bloomberg managed to squeeze in some key statistics about tech-enabled economic growth in New York City under his tenure. He said that "tech employment" in the city has grown 30 percent since 2005. He also claimed that "we are number one in job growth," in the mobile apps industry, which is why the city's nickname has morphed to "The Big App," rather than "The Big Apple."