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Another Obama 2012 Staffer Joins Bully Pulpit Interactive As Chief Operating Officer

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Thursday, May 9 2013

Kate Kochman, Obama 2012's deputy director of paid media, has joined the digital marketing and advertising agency Bully Pulpit Interactive as its chief operating officer.

BPI's President Andrew made the announcement to his staff in a note, and included a note from David Axelrod.

"Kate Kochman was the operational hub of our strategic team in the 2012 campaign. Deftly managing a thousand moving parts, she made sure that we were always ahead of the curve," he said.

Before her work on the 2012 campaign, Kochman worked for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel for many years, first at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and then in the White House in the chief of staff's office. Kochman also followed Emanuel to Chicago, where she worked as a scheduler on Emanuel's mayoral campaign.

Kochman is the latest of a string of hires that Bully Pulpit has made in the past couple of months. Thomas Edsall over at the New York Times argues that the explosive growth of firms such as Bully Pulpit and Blue State Digital is a sign of a larger trend: That the grassroots and digital marketing pioneered by the Obama presidential campaigns and its veterans, is becoming big business.