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More Grassroots Maps Come to Google Earth

BY Miranda Neubauer | Tuesday, April 30 2013

Public Lab Map of Orchid Hill. Charlotte, North Carolina.

Google Earth now includes over 100 new images from the Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science*, many of which are in the public domain.

Google Earth first began including maps from the group last year. As techPresident reported at the time, the group encourages grassroots, do-it-yourself mapping using tools like helium balloons and flip cameras to create satellite imagery independent of large institutions and governments.

"Having a publication avenue for the community in Google Earth is exciting for the individual mappers and important for the DIY data to get published with the largest and most important map platform (Google)," Public Lab notes in a press release.

(Disclosure: techPresident Editorial Director Micah Sifry serves on the Public Laboratory's board.)