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Get Ready For FAILfaire, An Evening Where Tech #FAILS Are Examined Under A Microscope

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Monday, April 22 2013

People in the business world have embraced the concept of "failing fast," "failing early," and "failing often," as part of the iterative process of innovation, and learning tough lessons as quickly as possible when trying to do new things.

Techies in the world of non-profits and civic engagement have taken that idea and ported it over to their world. Well, specifically the National Democratic Institute's Manager of Innovation Katrin Verclas has. Verclas is the originator of a soiree called FAILfaire, in which technologists get up in front of their peers to describe how their world-changing tech-enabled ideas fell flat -- and more importantly, share what they learned.

The next FAILfaire will take place in Washington, D.C., on April 30, and will focus on tech projects for "social change," as well as those related to elections. The event is being organized by Verclas at the National Democratic Institute. The event will feature speakers from the National Democratic Institute, the US Institute for Peace, International Foundation for Electoral Systems, Internews, Social Media Exchange (SMEX) and The Engine Room.

"The goal of this is in a somewhat lighthearted, but structured format to present and analyze tech projects in development or democracy support that failed," Verclas said.

Although it's open to the public, the event is not filmed, and wine, "a crucial element of this," will be served, Verclas said.