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Now The Democratic National Committee Is Looking For A CTO Too

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Monday, April 8 2013

The Democratic National Committee's Chief Technology Officer Bryan Whitaker is joining the Democrats' de-facto voter file management software vendor NGP VAN as its chief operating officer, the company announced Monday.

Whitaker served as the DNC's CTO for two years. He has a deep background in Democratic politics. Prior to the DNC, he was SEIU's founding director of field information services, where he began as an analyst in 2005. And before that, he worked as a field organizer for the Sierra Club in the Southern Appalachian Mountains, and for John Kerry's presidential campaign in the Midwest.

As CTO of the DNC, he ran the party's tech operations, and worked both with the presidential campaign and state Democratic parties, which will no doubt provide NGP VAN fresh and current insights into how to market more effectively to the state-level groups.

In March, the DNC sent out a listing for several positions in its tech department. A spokesman for the DNC didn't respond to an e-mail at the time of this posting responding to a question on who will manage those hires now that Whitaker is leaving.

The Republican National Committee has said that it wants to hire a "Silicon Valley" CTO by May 1.