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Blue State Digital Has Nabbed 16 Former Obama Staffers

BY Miranda Neubauer | Wednesday, March 27 2013

Blue State Digital announced Wednesday that 16 staffers from the 2012 Obama campaign will be joining its team. Blue State's co-founder, Joe Rospars, who worked as chief digital adviser for the campaign, will be taking on the newly created role of Chief Executive Officer.

Matthew McGregor, who was responsible for the Obama campaign's digital rapid response operations, will serve as Blue State's new political director, while Stephen Muller, the campaign’s head of digital video, will be overseeing engagements in the nonprofit and brand sectors as associate vice president, strategy.

Obama campaign national social media director, Laura Olin, is returning to Blue State as a senior advisor. Dave Sebag, Obama director of digital products, will be managing the development of new technology focused on innovation in mobile and social media, according to a press release.

Other new and returning staffers from the campaign joining the team of communication strategists, analytics experts, designers and technology architects are Gillea Allison, Tom Bucchere, Yahel Carmon, Lizzy Chan, Steve Jacobs, Danielle Kantor, Agnes Mazur, Lauren Parks, Mika Rothman, Jack Steadman and Drew Tipson.

Blue State Digital is known for its work on Obama's 2008 and 2012 campaigns, but it has a mix of corporate and non-profit clients as well, including Google, Ford Motor Company, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Freedom to Marry, Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation, Partners in Health, and the NAACP.

Blue State offers its own technology platform, BSD Tools, but turned heads in 2012 by rolling out "Quick Donate" with the Obama campaign. The feature allows repeat donors to give to the campaign again and again across platforms — including via text message — by reauthorizing their credit card, a la Amazon's one-click ordering, rather than having to fill out all of their information again and again. Blue State says that through the feature, they processed over $100 million in individual contributions for the 2012 Obama campaign.

A Financial Times article reporting on the news noted that there is growing interest in the private sector in Blue State's and the Obama campaign's real-time marketing techniques.