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Organizing for Action Is Ramping Up

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Thursday, March 21 2013

Organizing for Action isn't wasting time letting the lessons of 2012 languish. The campaign is ramping up and just sent out a list of positions that it's looking to fill. Among those wanted: e-mail strategists and writers, social media strategists and writers, a digital analytics director, a data production analyst, and a front-end developer.

The jobs are based in Chicago, according to an e-mail sent out by Amanda Litman, OfA's deputy email director. She's part of a growing team of staff that includes Jon Carson, the group's executive director, Toby Fallsgraff, OfA's digital director, Sara El-Amine, OfA's national organizing director, Caitlin Mitchell, OfA's email director and Brad Schenk, OfA's digital strategist.

The e-mail didn't specify how large the digital team in Chicago will be, but it sounds sizable. For example, the job description for the digital analytics director explains:

"The digital analytics team woks within the larger Digital Department at Organizing for Action to optimize the performance of our online activities including fundraising, online signups, persuasion, and convincing constituents to take action offline in their communities. The director will oversee a team of analysts and data production engineers, and work with the broader team to design and implement experiments, analyze results, and build predictive models.

This position will work on a variety of projects in a fast-paced environment. Projects might include building models to predict email response rates, analyzing the efficacy of various types of social media outreach, designing experiments to test new web and mobile features, etc. Analytics will be the backbone of our multi-faceted web design, email, content, video and advertising efforts. We'll rely on the analytics team not only to track progress, but to develop and deliver performance-enhancing recommendations that will guide and continually optimize our strategies along the way."

OfA's leaders specified during its 'founders' summit' last week in Washington DC that it plans on forming regional chapters of volunteers, who will be activated to work on issues on President Obama's agenda, which for now includes moving legislation on gun control, immigration reform and the budget. It's already organized a national day of action that involved holding 117 events across the country. Fallsgraff told the Los Angeles Times last week that more than 12,000 people posted stories and videos online related to gun control, and why they support the various proposals being considered in Congress.

The effort to bolster public support for gun control doesn't seem to have been very effective, so far, as an extended package of legislative proposals in Congress is finding difficulty getting traction.