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Elizabeth Warren's Digital Director Joins Bully Pulpit Interactive

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Thursday, March 14 2013

Lauren Miller, who served as Elizabeth Warren's new media director during the then-Democratic candidate's 2012 bid for the Massachusetts' senate seat, has joined Bully Pulpit Interactive in Washington, DC as a senior director.

Miller will advise another high-profile Democrat this election cycle -- former Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe, who's running for Governor in Virginia, Ben Coffey Clark, Bully Pulpit Interactive's partner and head of business development said in a Thursday announcement.

In addition to helping out with clients, she's expected to help "BPI establish itself not just as the largest digital marketer of the Democratic party and brand, but as a premier full service digital firm," Coffey Clark said.

Miller said she's thrilled to join Bully Pulpit Interactive, and insisted that she's not deserting Warren, who she had continued to work with in the Senate.

"I know you may be thinking: But what about Elizabeth Warren?!?!?! The short answer is: My love for Senator Warren has never been stronger, I'm not going anywhere, and my decision to join BPI was specifically made with her in mind," she said on her blog.

That's because Warren is an ongoing BPI client (the company had helped Warren with her get-out-the-vote campaign.) Miller said that she's going to continue to work with Warren's campaign and her political action committee while at Bully Pulpit Interactive.

Prior to the Massachusetts gig, Miller had worked at Blue State Digital for more than six years, where she helped to develop online advocacy, fundraising and social media programs. On Warren's campaign, she was the equivalent of chief digital chef and bottle-washer, managing most aspects of its digital components.

Miller is the latest of several hires Bully Pulpit's made in the past month, said Coffey Clark. They include's Will Johnson as senior director of strategic services and Madeleine Perry as Deputy Director, who worked on Sen. Sherrod Brown, (D-Ohio)'s 2012 campaign as his digital director. Danielle Butterfield, who worked on President Obama's digital advertising team during the 2012 election, also joins Bully Pulpit Interactive as an account executive.