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DNC Renews Contract With NGP VAN, But What About OfA?

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Thursday, March 14 2013

NGP VAN, the Democratic party's flagship software and data management platform, announced that the Democratic National Committee has renewed its contract with the company for VoteBuilder, the system that helps Democratic campaigns target their messaging and operations efficiently.

The VoteBuilder package includes software provided by NGP VAN and the DNC's voter file. That information encompasses publicly-available voter records (such as voting history,) as well as information about voters collected by campaign volunteers.

The announcement didn't specify the length of the contract. NGP VAN says that its VoteBuilder product enabled more than 329 million voter contacts in the form of door knocks and phone calls during the 2012 election cycle, and that it was used by 280,000 campaign staff.

The development is also noteworthy since Organizing for Action, Obama's non-profit group, has yet to sign up for the service, something that volunteers have been saying that is hampering their ability to be effective advocates for President Obama's agenda out in the field. OfA leaders have said that they're figuring out how to pay for access to the system.