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The EU’s New Digital Media Strategy Was Crowdsourced

BY Julia Wetherell | Wednesday, December 12 2012

MEP Marietje Schaake (credit: flickr / ALDEADLE)

The EU is poised to adopt its first Digital Freedom Strategy, after a majority in the European Parliament endorsed a resolution sponsored by Dutch MEP Marietje Schaake yesterday.

Schaake, a frequent speaker at PdF Europe who has been called the EU’s most wired politician, wrote her report in part by crowdsourcing ideas from NGOs, governments, businesses and citizens who responded to a draft she posted online.

The resolution calls for the EU to be a world leader in protecting digital freedoms. Among its stipulations are allowance for video and other digital evidence of human rights violations to be admissible in court, and fostering of digital infrastructure, education, and accessibility in developing nations. It also mandates the ceased exportation by the EU of surveillance technologies used by oppressive governments to track journalists, dissidents, and human rights activists, a move that was praised by Reporters Without Borders.

Net neutrality for the EU is an additional goal of the resolution, modeled on measures taken by the Netherlands earlier this year to prevent Internet providers from disincentivizing the use of competing services with fees for switching to third-party apps.

In a statement on her official site, Schaake thanks her online collaborators for their help.

New technologies also offer ways for politicians to make better policies by workingtogether with experts, voters and anyone interested. I pledge to continue doing so. Much work now has to be done to turn policies into concrete actions, for which I will need your support.

I’m looking forward to continue joining hands in promoting and defending digital freedoms, bothwithin the EU and far beyond.

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