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Obama Tells Jon Stewart About His Campaign's Email Targeting Operation

BY Nick Judd | Thursday, October 18 2012

It may not be the answer that ProPublica is looking for after doing its own analysis of the Obama campaign's fundraising emails, but President Barack Obama jokingly offered Jon Stewart some insight into Obama for America's prolific email fundraising operation on Thursday.

David Nakamura of the Washington Post, handling White House press pool duties during Barack Obama's taping for tonight's episode of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, passes along this anecdote about all of the campaign emails:

Stewart ended by asking, during the course of their 12-14 minutes together, how many emails POTUS' campaign sent him.

"It depends on whether you’ve maxed out!" POTUS answered.

After the event, the motorcade moved to the Waldorf-Astoria. The president then met privately with campaign donors.